Cultured White Diamonds

Ideal Cultured Diamonds

From the Oldest Family in the Diamond Business, We Bring You Cultured Diamonds - Superior To Natural Diamonds In Every Way!

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Cultured White Diamonds Are Coming in 2009!

Something new is coming to the diamond jewelry market...

The same thing that happened with the pearl industry in the "Roaring Twenties" is about to happen with diamond industry and "Big Diamond" is quaking in their boots. See Comparison Chart & Message from Alan!

Diamond manufacturers are very concerned and, as a result, are trying to confuse you. They are trying to label man made lab-created diamonds with drive-by stigmas such as "synthetic" or "fake." Don't pay mind to them unless you want to continue supporting unethical mined "blood diamonds." Cultured manufactured colorless diamonds are the exact same quality and are IMPOSSIBLE for a professional gemologist to tell the difference both chemically and physically. REGISTER TO BE THE FIRST TO OWN A LARGE COLORLESS WHITE CULTURED DIAMOND!

Fancy Colored Cultured Diamonds Are Available

We currently offer fancy engineered lab grown cultured diamonds for purchase! You name the color whether it is yellow, orange, pink or blue. Buy Fancy Colored Diamonds!


Full Custom CAD Jewelry Design - Learn More About Our Custom Jewelry Design Policy.
We specialize in full custom jewelry design when replicating an existing design from a picture or a design that exists solely in your imagination. Let the experts at Ideal Cultured Diamonds show you how easy it is to create or recreate an engagement or anniversary ring that reflects your own personal style that is yours and yours only.

We pride ourselves with the highest AGS 0 cut "American Ideal Cut" for the following:
Asscher CutCushion CutEmerald CutHeart CutMarquise Cut
Oval CutPear CutPrincess CutRadiant CutRound Cut
Solitaire StyleThree-Stone StyleEngagement RingAnniversary RingSpecial Occasions

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Cultured Diamonds


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Cultured White Diamonds
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A cultured white diamond is a man's best friend. Just ask his pocket book!

Full Custom Jewelry Design
       Full Custom Jewelry Design

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